Patch 4.1 and the Guild Finder: Will it really work?

While everyone is anxiously waiting on the new Zul’Gurub and Zul’Aman instances, or the class changes, or even the new Call to Arms feature, I’ve been looking at other feature that, hopefully, will debut this next tuesday: the Guild Finder. As the Guild Leader for the Knights Who Say Ni, and as someone who wants badly for us to start raiding again as a guild, I’ve been following the news on the ingame Guild Finder.

Basically, unguilded people can “offer” a resume on their character, and what they want on a guild, and guild masters can look for people wanting to join a guild. On the paper, the feature is awesome for people like me, wanting to recruit more without resorting to trade channel spam, and it should work like classifieds for both sides – guilds looking for players, and players looking for guilds. But, really, will it work? I admit, I have been reading all I can find about it recently, but haven’t even considered getting into the PTR to take a first-hand look at it (not that I could, actually. My notebook HD is crammed full and I can’t spare another 20Gb or so for the PTR now), but even from reading I can spot a lot of flaws on the design. Some were actually brought up on twitter (sorry, can’t find out who it was now, to give credit), like, “only the guild master has access to it? What if he wants to have the officers deal with it?” or “So it’ll only work on the same faction? Not wise, given the faction change service…”. I can add up quite some more just from the WoW Insider post commenting about it:

  • Only the guild master has access to the Guild Finder service. What if  it is the Officers/some other guild member that deal with recruiting?
  • The Guild Finder will only work for now on the same faction. What about if people are willing to change factions to a guild they like?
  • The Guild Finder will only work for now on the server the guild is currently located. What about people wanting to transfer servers?
  • On the other hand, only unguilded people have access to the Guild Finder “classifieds”. What about people who are guilded and considering a change?

There are other issues I’ve come up with (comes on the pack from being a computer debugger for the last decade, and been working on games QA for the past months), but until I actually see the feature with my own eyes, I better keep them to myself. For now, let me comment on the biggest issue I’ve found on the “official” comments on it: the inability for anyone to browse it, on either side.

As a guild master, I already have a plateful on guild management, in and out of the game (just had to deal with a new Ventrilo server and I’m still having to deal with the renewal on our guild site subscription, for instance). I wish I could delegate recruitment to a couple key officers, or at least have someone else filter candidates/do the recruitment speech before interviewing them. We had people do that in the past, on the Llane forums and on trade channel. But if we want to use the Guild Finder feature, it’s another charge I’ll have to undertake. Sure thing, preparing our guild resumé doesn’t seem like a huge toll, but seeing the applicants list, finding out at first only by their application who would be suitable for us – not only in terms of raid-readiness, but also for the friendly-environment setting we have -, to only then get to the human side of it, the first interview…it’s a lot more things to manage. Sure, I’ll take it (as I’m a little control-freak myself), but I wish I could have an easy way to show the possible applicants to Balz, Veld, Anows, Goob, to hear what they think of them.

On the other hand, as an applicant, it’s a great tool to find a group of people who meet your interests and goals, either raiding, or social, but only if you’re already on your own. Having a lot of problems on your current guild, and looking for some place else to go, but not really wanting to leave your current guild (maybe due to status or a permanent raid spot)? Out of luck. Wanting to leave your server but not that much, if you don’t already have a nice group of like-minded people to join? Also out of luck. Well, maybe you can create a level one char on the other faction/server and browse what guilds are there and what they’re looking for, but you can’t apply to them, at least not directly, either because you’re not on the level range they’re looking for, or, worse, because you’re not on the char they are looking for. They can still trust your word and take you on an interview, but only if you’re being truthful; we also have to consider the third side on this matter – the ones looking to profit from the feature.

I mean, if there are still people who manage to circumvent Blizzard’s protections and scam, spam about gold selling on trade or even snatch other people’s account informations in order to hack their accounts and abbuse their hard-earned efforts on the game, why won’t they also be able to use the Guild Finder on their favor? Those might use hacked accounts to get into guilds with promises of the best tank/healer/dps they’ve ever seen, and only accept joining in the guild if thy get straight away on a position with full access to the guild bank; Or they might forge a guild with a lot of good stolen characters, and charge and “addmitance fee” so new people have “spots on a raid” or “guild bank privileges”, all a scam. And, well, who can say only the hackers/gold sellers will think about this? There are ill intentioned people all around, not only on the hacking side…

Now, if I only look on the current recruiting issues our guild is going through, sure, it might help us find more people who are looking for guilds… but I think we’ll keep stumbling on the same issue we’re currently having: most people who show interest in joining us just give up when they learn we have no raiding group at all. Most people want to join a guild who are already raiding, and even with content on farm, rather than join a group who want to get there, with their help. I admit, I even stopped spamming the trade channel because of that – hopeful prospects just turned us down when they learn we would be progressing along with them, but that we had barely no Cataclysm raiding experience at all as a guild (and I do stress on “as a guild”. Several of out roster have been raiding on their own, due to the lack of guild runs). As much as I understand their thoughts and wishes (both for good and bad), it frustrates me to no end that we can’t start raiding because we cant get people on the guild because we are not raiding.

Anyway, I understand that the Guild Finder feature is a new thing, and it’s still not totally suitable to replace trade spamming or forum post (if it will ever be), but I still believe there are some issues that Blizzard could have adressed from the beginning, to make it more attractive to people either looking to join a nice guild, and for guild looking to fill their rosters. I’m sure to give it a try, or at least look at it in hopes I’m completely wrong about it, and it can actually help us get into our raiding feet again. :)

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“Look at my gear, look at my epeen, I’m better than you!”

I just got out of a run – literally, I ditched the group, one of the things I hate on doing the most – on Heroic Halls of Origination. And after I let my rage vent off, it hit me, “Hey, I created my wow blog to talk about things that happen on WoW to me, good or bad”. This one must have been one of the worst ever, so, why not write about it?

So, this is the tale of Snow, dwarf paladin of Regen, from the Magtheridon server, tank extraoirdinaire, epeen master, and general douchebag. Me and Superhawk went on a random group, that ended up on Halls of Origination, with Snow tanking. First pull, he didn’t call for CCs, just went on and pulled everything. And, well, I was to tell people to kill the guy who threw fire on all of us first, but we handled the kill without anyone dying. So, let’s move on.

Next pulls, ok, he was all business. We get to the boss. I asked for time to drink and refill the mana, as he was chainpulling and not letting me stop and regain mana. Oh, right, I forgot to mention, I was the healer on that run. Super was dps’ing.

Anyway, we stop before the boss, and he says, “Ok, me and priest on the left, dk and hunter on the right.” My thoughts were “Splitting up is harder, better go everyone as a group, left than right.” and was about to type that, when he said “Healer stays on top and interrupts him with skullbash”. I binked. Wait, he was asking me to go bear or cat, aka stop healing altogether, for an interrupt? He didn’t even gave me time to protest, he just pulled after saying that. Or, better, ORDERING us that.

First time the boss goes immune, what happens: Snow jumps on the left. The DK goes right. I don’t see where Super went, but he should’ve not gone left because Snow started cussing about how inept we were at following orders. The hunter? He stayed UP TOP with me, firing arrows at an immune boss. (What makes me think it odd, Snow was telling how Super and the DK didn’t make it through kindergarden, because they didn’t know left from right… and he said not a word about the hunter. Who, coincidentally, was also from Llane). We managed, though, I went bear and skullbashed the boss, and we resumed. Well, all resumed dps, I resumed healing, and Snow didn’t even stop typing at how awful we were. I wonder how he managed to type so much and still tank… I managed to say that we (me and Super, at least) were used to going together as a group, it made the fight easier, but I was just dismissed as “You don’t know better.”.

Round two of boss immunity, the DK screws up this time, jumping on the wrong side. Snow? More remarks at how stupid we were, at how dumb, how shitty the group were…  Then, even with me trying my best, all the DPS died. It was me and Snow. I kept healing, until he started firing his “I’m awesome” gun to my side. Saying I wasn’t doing well enough, that I was pulling low numbers, that I didn’t cleanse stuff so the boss kept healing himself (right, I was doing that on purpose. He should be able to cleanse too, right? Right. :) ).

So, we wiped. He STILL kept calling us inepts (and, mind you, I’m being TOO generic here. I was seeing red at the time from how much douchebaggery he was throwing us). When he said “Well, look at your gear. No wonder you’re so awful. Not a piece of raid gear. Of course, you’re so bad you can’t even dream to get to a raid, so you’ll never see the content I dominate already.”, I tried to vote kick him. I’d rather tank that myself than keep on listening to that chant. “This player can’t be kicked for another 2h.” Wait, TWO HOURS? He’s so awesome that the game itself don’t want to part with him?? </sarcasm> Anyway… by then, Super was in full troll mode and having a blast. I began really enjoying the fencing – Super being his witty, offensive self, 10x better than Snow was doing, and on the other side, Snow getting even more infuriated as he couldn’t make Super humble himself before his mighty epeen. I think he really didn’t know Super is a pro Forum Troll. :) Anyway… even then, I was so infuriated at that time that I just gave Super a heads-up on guild chat, and left the group.

Do you remember my “rules for a good pug”? You know why “Do not piss off your healer” comes before “Do not piss off your tank”? Because a pissed healer might not want to heal you. That usually applies to bad DPS players, but I forget it can apply to ANYONE.  And then, it got me thinking. He might have full T11 gear, he might be a good tank on his server, but really? Alone, he is NOTHING. He needs at least a healer to keep him alive while he tanks. He needs the DPS to speed up the kills. He is no better than anyone else on that group. In this game, alone, one can accomplish only a few things. For the big deals, you need to work with a group. You need to coordinate, you need to assign jobs, and the assignees must do their due. But if they don’t it gives you no right to treat them like dogs who pissed on the wrong place. Gear doesn’t make anyone better, only someone to be looked upon (and, as a side note, DAMN, that pally T11 is UGLY!! Reminds me too much of a bad costume for an old Godzilla or Ultraman villain… XD). Gear, experience, expertise, does not make you any better if you can’t still run an instance on your own. You ALSO need to do your part.

If the group is having problems with directions, either the directions were not understood, or the player behind that character didn’t know how to do it. Instead of ripping everyone a new ass because you’re totally awesome! and they’re not, either talk to them about it, or change strategies. People might be more comfortable doing things in another way, and thus they can perform better. But, well, of course, Snow is not the type of guy (and I can’t see him as a girl, no woman in this world would be so dickery as he was, no matter the sex of his avatar) to try and make things work. Either it works his way, or the blame is never his to take. As usual, people like him gets his epeen so gorged on gear and achievements that it just stucks to his eyes and prevent him to see that he, too was a newbie on this game once. That, I bet, he had people to help him out when he was still leveling, and gearing. People told him, directly or indirectly (through forums, blogs, tips and whatnot) how to be a good pally tank. He should have had help reaching the point where he is. And he, of course, dismisses it, because he’s totally awesome! and every one knows he’s cool! (sorry, been listening too much to “A Very Potter Musical” :) )

On a more personal side… I have to say that I should have kept my mind cool, and just tell him that if he was so awesome like that, he could heal himself for the instance, and left. But I let him get to my nerves. Because if it didn’t work the first time, people were having problems with his directi-uh, sorry, ORDERS. I was trying to help the others, I suggested a number of times for us to do it as a whole group, as I’ve done it, tanked it, and it’s way more manageable and easy to do – the tank grab the adds, the healer heals, the dps aoe, and one of them pull the switch. But, no, it was either his way or the highway, and if it weren’t his way, it was because we were dumb people who didn’t deserve to be on the same group as someone as totally awesome as he was. He made me remember all the stuff I’ve been through playing other MMOs, even in life – people who just thought themselves better than anyone, and humiliating people like me just because they wanted so. That’s really what got my blood boiling at that point. Even if I was there to help Super out, I couldn’t, as much as I should, stay and heal him. I just couldn’t.

So, Snow, my kudos to you, to whoever is the non-human being behind that screen playing her, for giving me a good topic to write about. The lesson tonight is quite simple, and it’s been written on almost every loading screen on WoW: “Kindness goes a long way in dealing with others.”

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Meeting up with legends

So, I’m here, alive, yet not as well geared on my druid as I wish, so I could take him instead to BWD tomorrow… and yet kind of still baffled at finally being able to meet up with people whom I consider, for a lack of a less baffled word to describe them, “legends”.

First, I need to mention how awesome to play a game by Blizzard. I came home after work to do one heroic before I had to do my research on ISPs (as the one I’m on now is kinda crappy, and I need a better one), tried to log in and… “We detected a change on you login pattern”. WHUT? I mean, I logged in this morning, I did Guin’s and Mars’s cds, enchanted some stuff for Balz… I had my auth token on my keychain, with me, the whole day, so… how did I manage to login without actually logging in? Everything that I felt when I was hacked jsut came back in… It took a friend of mine (whom I was talking about Mass Effect and how did the Dragon Age 2 producers managed to hire a Twilight Fanfic writer to do romance dialogs for the game) to remind me we actually have a toll free Blizzard support line here in Brazil. It took me a call, a couple security questions and 5 mins, to figure out that somehow my auth was out of sync, and lo and behold, I was back in the game in no time! Kudos to Blizzard once again! :)

So, after one crappy Stonecore run (where my durability went from 100% to 27% because the tank tought he knew how to tank, but all save ONE mob made a beeline for the healer – aka ME. I’m yet scared of tanking myself, but hell if I didn’t give him pointers as to how to grab aggro on multiple adds as a bear) with the guild, I saw Oestrus (from The Stories of O, yeah, the one who inspired me on writing on this blog again) asking for volunteers to test something… and here I was, fighting my internet connection to let me change realms and log in to be a good level 1 guinea pig for her. I had to actually alt-f4 out of the game, back in (after almost freaking out again before realized I also changed my game password after the earlier incident), to be able to change realms, and there I was, Guinnyn, Level 1 human paladin, rushing to the front gates of Stormwind to meet up someone I’ve never seen before, but I read a lot about and came to respect and admire.

I won’t talk about the experience, because that’s for her to publish and do the math, but it was mostly standing around and chatting while she did her thing. I’ll probably look into it on my other toons (as she did it on her priest, I might check it on my shaman and my druid, though I’m almost already sure of what results they’d be), but then… well, there I was, chatting with O, being yelled at (after they moved to avoid pvp’ers and I missed to where they went as I had to chat with my roomate about the ISP), being called “the brazilian” (couldn’t supress a giggle at that), and meeting up other people I’ve basically read about but I thought before unreachable…

So, after the experiment, I did what I should – deleted Guinnyn the Paladin, and welcomed Guinnyn, the (other) druid – and logged back to pay my (hefty) repair bill from earlier “surprise buttsecks the healer” run of Stonecore and… I’m still muling over what it meant to me meeting up with Oestrus and the others… If anything, it only gave me a new drive – to write, to play better, to get our raids going, to rouse our guildmates into playing more, into bonding more…

Yeah, I reached for the stars and met up with one. Thanks again, Oestrus! :)

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Dood, a Drood!

So I took this extended vacation for carnival (the only good thing, in my opinion, about brazilian carnival, is that we get at least a 5-day long vacation. Some jobs, like mine, extend it to the whole week, so i got a whole 9-day off. Woot! Of course, I can’t say anything good about the hellish mess that Rio de Janeiro becomes during those days, so I was kinda loathe to come down from Teresópolis to Rio for these vacations, but then, I had to. But I digress.) to try and get my druid, Guinnyn, to 85. As it seemed that my Shaman wasn’t adding anything in regards to healing to our raids, I decided to go with the other one I love best, my druid and internet-nickname-sake, Guinnyn. Being my third “85 toon” project, I already knew how to get most of the experience as fast as possible. Did it in about a week and half, in a bear spec (but playing as kitty), doing Vashj’ir (halfway through 82. I did it whole, I just love the questline there ^^) -> Deepholm (until 83) -> Uldum (never pass the chance to do the Harrison Jones quests :) I moved on after I got Brann’s call to go to HoO.) -> Twilight Highlands (until I dinged 85). And I’m amazed… at how fast I could get enough gear to be good enough for heroics.

Guin’s gear is sitting at 331 iLvl now, barely 24h after I dinged. And I was already at 317 when I did so. All these gear are mostly due to being honored at Earthen Ring and Wildhammer Clan as I finished their respective zones, and grinding Hyjal rep up to Revered in these last 24h for the caster head glyph. Ok, I also give thanks to a LOT of “ninja’d” gear from the sole reg run of Halls of Origination guildies threw for me – and that I wish I had healed, but due to some ditching from our group by the tank we took some good 10 mins on the LFD to get, I switched to tank, and Joe’s priest swtched to healing. From all the drops, all of it were either leather caster gear, or leather dps gear (that Veld, on his rogue, didn’t want). The only thing I didn’t get from that run (and, really, even when I just greeded stuff it ended up in my bags!) was a caster mace that Joe’s priest got, fair and square, on a need roll (I would’ve given it to him if I won, anyway. Didn’t want to snag the whole loot of the place in one go XD).

I got to say, even though a lot of things changed for druid tanking in Cataclysm, it isn’t as bad as I’d thought it would be. Easier than tanking on a warrior, for sure. But still, it’s simple. On single targets, Mangle (for the debuff and starting added threat), Lacerate 3 times, alternate between Mangle, Maul and Thrash while Faerie Fire is on cooldown, Pulverize when Lacerate is running out, reapply Lacerate thrice, rinse and repeat. On groups it get a little trickier, as I needed to alternate Thrash and Swipe with Mangle, Lacerate and FF whenever those two were on cooldown, and even then I struggled with aggro on some groups. Otherwise, it was a pretty smooth run.

As I see that I’ll end up running heroics more often than not as a tank (unless I can convince Balz, Chilly and Tenn to tank and let me heal them), I need to start reading strats on bosses. I got some experience as healer due to Mars, but doing so as a tank is completely different. Also need to start my upgrades spreadsheet for Guinnyn, and farming Earthen Ring rep for the goodies. As I play more with him, I’ll probably talk to you guys more about how druid healing is up to these days. I am kind of disappointed on shaman healing so far, but sometimes I am still in doubt if the problem is with shamans overall, or if it is just me. I’m not putting as much effort into gearing Mars as I am on Guinnyn, maybe because I have this feeling that I’m not really bringing anything to our raids. So far, most buffs I can give as a shaman can be replicated – and often overwritten – by the other classes. The only thingsI feel that people like having me around are for the resist-glyphed Healing totem, Mana Tide totem, and Heroism. Let’s see how it fares having a druid healer to add up to our priest and pally host. :)

So, my plan goes on schedule. Got my second healer and second tank to 85. Now, I’m torn between working on Fixin to 85, but we already got plenty of paladins, and I got plenty of 85’s already to work with. Will probably work on my gnome priest (and I *DO* want to take him into 85, hey, we need a comic relief on the raids! :)), as my worgen warrior is saved to play with my brazilian friends. Will probably continue to do the cooking/fishing dailies on my mage and on the paladin, and if they can level up off of it, all the better.

But for now, all I want is to get Guinnyn in raid shape (and gear), and see if he fares better at throwing himself at Magmaw like a lemming than Mars did with the guild.

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A tank, a healer and a shadow priest walk into Neptulon’s room…

…because that’s all we needed to kill the last boss on ToT. Why? Because you know your DPS is bad when they don’t get out of stuff on the ground, and die. :)

Yeah, I just walked into ToT – AGAIN. It wasn’t a smooth run because, well, the other two dps – a warrior and a DK (ALWAYS a DK) kept dying on almost everything. You know, after the first pull, where they just ignored interrupts and attacked the guys with a bubble, I said on guild chat that I hoped these guys don’t think i’m healing them through everything. Because I didn’t. Lucky our other dps was Veld, on his priest, as shadow. That ended up doing more healing than I did, sometimes. *sigh*

And they did expect me to heal through everything.

And guess what? I didn’t. Actually, after the 3rd or 4th time they died, I simply stopped bothering. :)

On the first boss, as the only CC around, I said out loud “I’m gonna hex the witch on the left.” When they came out, what happens? I start hexing, and the DK – ALWAYS the DK! – start pummeling the bitch, uh, Witch. I actually had to stop healing and yell “Don’t attack that!” and “Get the other one!” so, same as with Brittney, he would leave the cc alone.

On the way to Neptulon, I died because the tank didn’t round up the adds, who kept pummeling at me and, guess what? They expected me to heal through it. *sigh* And at Neptulon? Adds kept coming at me, I ran to the tank, he actually picked them up… and on phase two, both the warrior and the DK died because, guess what? THey stepped on the goo to kill the first add, and, I take it, once more hoped I’d heal them through the damage.

So that how a tank, a healer and a shadow priest ended up 3-manning all on their own – and OWNING ^^ – the last boss on ToT.

So, children, our lessons for tonight?

  1. “Do not stand on the fire” does not only apply to fires. It applies to green and black goo, void zones, and everything you should know by now to NOT stand on. And if you don’t know what you should not stand on, just don’t stand on anything that shouldn’t be there.
  2. If you want to max your dps, remember, a dead dps is no dps at all.
  3. NO HEALER – and it’s not enough for me to stress it, NO. HEALER. AT. ALL. Not even the best geared ones now. – can heal anyone through any avoidable damage. I repeat, NO HEALER CAN HEAL THROUGH EVERYTHING. I wish I could at least heal through stupidity, but I can’t.

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Rules of Engagement

The more I run heroics on Cataclysm, the more I’m sure people do not even know what they’re doing. Specially DPS. Small wonder they get 30 mins queues, because no tank or healer want to deal with them.

Point in case, me and Tenn just ran – AGAIN – Throne of the Tides. Seems like this particular instance follows me around. I just shrug and follow through. Tenn is tanking, I’m healing on Mars, we got a ret pally, a hunter and a DK for DPS (yeah, DKs also seem to follow me around. At least some look hot. ^_^).

And things started to go bad at the FIRST pull.

As usual, Tenn is all business. “Square for trap, star is Repentance, triangle is Hex”. I aknowlege my assignment and wait for the pull… that comes while I was still aknowlegding, with the hunter throwing a trap. And the pally totally ignoring his mark. I had to hex his Witch to not botch the pull.

Oh, he also Divine Stormed the Hex, which lasted about… 2s? And hex have a 45s cd. Nicely done…

Well, having a competent tank and a healer, we managed. Tenn rips some new asses around, we go on. The big naga which spits on the floor. Tenn moves him around, avoiding the spits… and the paladin AND the dk stand on them, trailing the mob. My heals on them? Healing Rain (if they stand on it) and whatever hits them off Chain Heal.

Stupid might be as stupid does, but I might get distracted now and then, but I’m NO stupid.

As I love to mention time and again, when doing heroics, “Rule #1, never piss off your healer. Rule #2, never piss off your tank. Rule #3, don’t stand on things you’re not supposed to stand on.”

I bet they don’t know these rules.

We get to the Naga lady boss. I’m assigned to hex the left side, just because the huntard and the retardin doesn’t know how to cc properly. We start the fight… not only the DK and the paladin die, but the Hunter DC. Which get promptly removed from the group (not through vote kick, mind you), and we get the first intelligent DPS of the night, a mage. He hopped in midfight, and the three of us – me, him and Tenn – killed the boss.

On to the rift boss… try and guess? Pally stood on the rift for dps. I didn’t heal him on purpose, this time. I know, I know, a dead DPS is no DPS at all, but then… a DPS who thinks the healer can always heal through anything is a dumb dps. If I just healed him, he’d never learn that important lesson. :)

And I guess he didn’t.

On the bash-my-head-on-the-ceiling-mobs that punch you when you land, the pally died. Again. And again. ON EVERY PULL. He didn’t move when he landed on the punching. I didn’t bother healing him. :P

Next boss… MC one. Pally and DK stand on the spikes. I try healing them and they get to an inch of dying… AND THEY MOVE! Here I was, thinking there was salvation for them… we kill the boss with everyone alive (for once!). We move on.

Last boss, Neptulon. Killing the first adds, fine. We get to phase two, Tenn kites the adds… and there goes the pally, KILLING the kiting adds instead of the three ones hittng Nep. AND he stood on the black goo while at that. Of course, his health goes from 100% to 0% in a second.  The DK follows suit shortly after we get 10 adds loose. It’s a wipe… and the pally leaves group. \o/

We get a lock, who gets a little miffed as we’re on last boss (he wanted some JP), but, well, VP are VP anywhere. This time? One shot. Just not flawless because the DK (always the DK…) kept stepping on the goo, but as I was tired (and trying to ignore my migraine) just kept healing on.

So, that was my intense adventure for this night. Healing with a migraine while hoping the painkillers would kick in, and I didn’t let anyone die out of grumpiness or spite. :)

If only more people would learn these small rules of engaging an instance… My life would be so much easier…

So, repeat after me, kids:

  1. Never irritate your healer (or he/she might decide not to throw you a heal if you decide to not avoid avoidable damage)
  2. Never irritate your tank (or he/she might decide not to taunt stuff off of you, if you decide to attack who you’re supposed to not be attacking)
  3. Do not ever step on stuff you’re not supposed to step on. In doubt, never step on ANYTHING you don’t know.
  4. (and that’s a new one on my repertoire) If a tank tells you to crowd-control, you WILL crowd control, and keep an eye for the cc not to be broken, and you will be happy and glad you did crowd control, for the run goes smoother and the tank is happier not to be bashed on the face by a mob who shouldn’t be bashing him at that time.

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New to guild leading? Yeah, me too.

Sometimes I need to remind myself I’m not only an old member of the Knights Who Say Ni, I’m now also it’s Guild Master. I’m the face of the guild, I’m the one who should be there to run the guild and settle any problems that happens. And I keep thinking I’m a failure at that.

Between the new job, my personal (and oh-so-messy) life, friends and family, I don’t have as much time to be online on wow as I used to. I really feel bad when I hear about the disputes that sometimes happen in the guild and I’m not there to help sort them out. I often hear about them from Mendin, when he ends up texting my cellphone telling me to log in ASAP to see some shit happening (and I usually can’t). And I keep telling myself how lousy a GM I am for not being there for my guildmates when I should.

But I know it’s not really my fault. We always had “RL > WOW” as a rule in the guild, and I’m just following it. Also, I have awesome friends and officers, like Veld, Chilly and Balz, to help me deal with the guild management while I can’t be there. But I want to be there more for them too. Not only on the raid issues, but also on the day-to-day guild life.

We were discussing about recruiting more people for the guild, because our raid attendance is never optimal. We can never get enough people for a guild run, and also bringing friends who are not really optimal for the group; I know we got others with issues to come, like Taliesan and Anows, but they also have the “RL > WoW” factor. Still, people want to run raids, and we can’t seem to schedule them to a time where we can get everyone who’s geared and willing to come. It’s not like when Pixxie ran the guild, where everyone WANTED to come and made efforts to go out of their way to come to raids. Can you guys tell I still look up to her too much as to how to be a raid leader? Yeah…

So… I shouldn’t do that. I shouldn’t try to fit in other people shoes just because her way worked. It worked because it was Pixxie running the show. It worked because she ran the guild in her own way. I’m not her. I’m me. And I have to find my own way to run the guild. Like it or not, I’m the boss now. And as much as people don’t respect me like they did respect Pixxie, they do like me. And I am yet to earn their respect.

Chilly, Balz and Tenn are right now our raid leaders. I should try and push forward on both the recruiting and the scheduling, and also try to run the show once in a while. Read more on the strats, know the fights, do what I used to when I was raidleading Ulduar. Be that bitch who yelled and wanted a perfect execution on the fights. Pay attention to my surroundings, not only on my job. It worked to some extent. Why wouldn’t it work now, and more, why wouldn’t it work to guild leading too?
So, yeah, this was not a post about how to be the most perfect guild master ever. It is a post to tell everyone that no guild master is created overnight. No guild master is perfect and infallible. That, pretty much like every character in the game, behind every guild master is a person, fearful of failing his comrades and friends, and possibly wanting to do the most he or she can for their fun, and for his/her own.

I know I’m still on babysteps at GM’ing, but I can tell you… One day, I’ll stand proud and tall on Marsupilami, Guild Master of the Knights Who Say Ni. And everyone on that guild will be proud of being a Knight. :)

Also, this post on World of Matticus (“Tough Call: Roles – RL vs. GM”) is half of what prompted me about this post (the other half being my personal almost-inability to leading people. Actually, it’s more like I rather be led than leading. And that’s something I need to change in myself. So I can not only be a better GM, but also a better person. :) )

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